Enhancing Edmonton

All projects under the first place program have strict architectural controls to ensure the right fit with the existing neighbourhood while still adding a refreshed look and feel to the new homes being built, similar to those in new areas of the city. Any pathways, landscaping and parking have been meticulously reviewed to ensure the most minimal amount of impact to the surroundings in the community.

Benefits of residential infill:

  • Revitalization and renewal of neighbourhoods, adds young families to mature areas that benefit the overall community
  • Optimizes the utilization of existing infrastructure and improves the use of public facilities and services which can lower the overall costs of services such as schools, public safety, water, sewer and transit
  • Adds more housing options within the heart of the city and reduces the urban sprawl of the city thus reducing the depletion of agricultural and forested land
  • Proximity to established amenities including transportation, health services, restaurants, entertainment and shopping
  • Can improve property value by attracting other property owners to explore the previously overlooked area and offers a variety of new housing types which can improve the appeal of the community