New Home within Your Reach

The First Place Program is an innovative City of Edmonton initiative that puts home ownership for first time buyers in Alberta within reach!  To address the growing needs of the city, the program was designed to not only provide those looking for a new home a wider range of housing options, but to give them the opportunity to enter the market with a financial advantage, including deferred land payments.

The program was established in 2006 to develop and build new home developments for families who have never before owned property in Alberta.  It began as a pilot project in the communities of Canon Ridge and Greenview, with 18 additional sites projected for the next few years.  The goal is to transform and revitalize these underdeveloped school sites with brand new condo townhomes in Edmonton, where young families can invest in a new home, and a new future.

Community Consultation

Not wanting to compromise what has been in existence for decades, each First Place project will undergo a design consultation with community members to allow them the opportunity of voice their opinion, feedback and input of the design.  While the goal is the transform and revitalize, the character and feel of each neighbourhood will remain consistent.

The strictest architectural controls of the homes and maintenance of as much green space as possible will also ensure that these projects will add, and not take away, from the existing beauty of the community.

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