Bulyea Heights Design Engagement #1

Meeting Date: December 8, 2016, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Location: Brookview Community League Hall


  • City Of Edmonton: Prabhat Dahal, Bill Harris
  • Builder (Rohit Communities): Brian Trevelyan, Binod Poudyal
    • Rob Albright – Al-Terra Engineering; Civil Engineer
    • Ted Muller – EDA Collaborative; Landscape Architect
  • 7 Bulyea Heights Community  Representatives

Design Engagement led by Brian Trevelyan, Multifamily Development Manager for Rohit Communities

  • Bill and Prabhat from City of Edmonton thanked and explained the process and the opportunity for the participants involved in the engagement process, participant expectations, evaluation and communication process.
  • The builder briefly explained the design process, zoning regulations (CS3) which specify a maximum density of 54 units per hectare (88 units) depending on product type.
  • All participants from the Buylea Community marked the location of their home on the map to better understand the community’s interest.
  • The builder explained how the community representatives have helped shape the new community in their neighborhood through consolidation of previous First Place site and senior’s site into one location. This process involved numerous meetings over a time period of 1.5 years.
  • The builder briefly explained the development constraints, Guidelines, Zoning Bylaws and its limitation, price threshold set by COE, and optimum land use for the site.

Builder mentioned that they are aware of the community’s Architectural guidelines and will work with the community to create a design that compliments the neighbourhood.

Questions/Concerns raised by the participating residents

1. Project timing in terms of site construction – Community would like to finalize the parkland development process before the first place construction start. Park space design is not finalized yet.

  • City of Edmonton staff to provide more information regarding the timeline and the reason for changing the schedule for First place site construction
  • Builder explained the process after the completion of design engagement which involves the completion of design and engineering with a planned development permit submission for spring 2017 and potentially summer for site construction.

2. Site Entrance location and traffic impact

    • Community prefers to have the entrance located at the South East corner to the First Place site aligned with Burton Road to lower the traffic impact
    • Suggested there should be 4 way stop at this location
      • Builder will have a discussion with City of Edmonton, transportation to understand the impact of this request.

3. Building height, architectural, building massing and colors

  • Participants were concerned about the height of the buildings at another first place location.
    • CS3 Zoning restricts allowable height to maximum of 10m, all units will be in
      compliance to this requirement.
  • Participants commented on how the architectural and external façade treatment would help lessen the effect the perceived height challenge and help fit the new development within the existing community.
  • Proposed development matching aesthetics of the existing community – light colored siding with medium colored trims as accents aligning with the current homes.
  • Builder discussed the opportunities for the participants to choose exterior elements (i.e. colors, blocking, roofing, etc.)

4. Community preference is to have street oriented townhomes along the property line facing Bulyea Road. Requested that homes should be massed in 3‐4 townhome blocks throughout the development.

5. Design Density

  • Participants were concerned on how moving the entrance to the south of the site would affect the design density for the site.
    • Builder explained basic unit types planned; drive‐under and basement unit with surface parking in the past projects, tentative height and how it effects the overall density of the site. Further explanation regarding density achieved on previous First Place projects.
    • Builder prefers to have a blend of drive under and basement style homes based on the outcome of the design engagement process.

6. Participants asked about new home ownership type

  • Builder explained this site would be a condominium and all homes will have a separate title however all maintenance would be the responsibility of the condominium corporation, this is funded through a set condominium fee.

7. Participants expressed a desire for new home owners to become members of the Home Owners’ Association (Brookview Community Association Ltd).

  • Given new home owners will be a part of the Buylea community, their membership as part of the HOA will be included. Further details to follow.

8. Landscaping and Fencing

  • Participants expressed the interest on how the site will be landscaped; request to exceed the minimum requirements both inside and outside the site.
    • The builder illustrated past developments have exceeded landscaping planting
    • City commented on the opportunity to landscape outside the development to blend the development within the community. Further discussions through the design engagement will provide clarity.

9. Participants expressed interest on how the fencing will be designed as well as access for residents to enter the adjacent park space.

  • This will be a part of landscape design discussion and is also a part of municipal bylaw requirement.
  • Discussion regarding liability: no desire from participants to create walk through development allowing public use of the private sidewalk however connectivity to adjacent sidewalks is appreciated.
  • Community suggested that having a gate in the fence would help with the access as well as in any emergency requirement.

10. Community would prefer to see mix of colorful trees as a part of landscape plan – lush landscaping would be appreciated to increase the overall look of the space.

11. Community would like to see prelim site concepts to envision the impact on the existing trees along the east property line. Intent is to save some existing trees if possible.

12. Participants expressed concern about the gravel parking lot loss and potential substitute

  • City of Edmonton will provide more details on the overall plan.

13. Client Demographics – who has typically bought within these projects

  • Builder will provide the participants with buyers profile information on past projects

14. How many bedrooms are within a typical unit design?

  • Past review of projects within First Place as a whole show the majority of homes consist of 3 bedrooms. This is also reflective of families moving into these developments.

15. Next Steps …

  • Builder to bring forward site designs that reflect issues noted above as much as possible.
  • Meeting & notes will be prepared and submitted, they will also be posted on Facebook and other media locations.
  • 2nd design engagement meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2017 at 6‐9 pm.

Past First Place Projects in process or completed by Rohit Communities

  • Greenview Landing‐ 6032 38 Avenue NW, Edmonton
  • Tawa Landing – 140 Youville Drive East NW, Edmonton
  • Casselman Landing – 5203‐149 Avenue NW, Edmonton
  • Larkspur Landing – 4205 – 30 Street NW, Edmonton
  • Haddow Landing – 2121 Haddow Drive NW, Edmonton

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