Bulyea Heights Supplemental Project Plan

Objective: ensure safety for all residents as they interact directly and indirectly with the Bulyea First Place Program site throughout multiple months of onsite development construction work.

Special Notice: Given this site is directly adjacent to George H. Luck School and sports fields, it is imperative that a plan is enacted to ensure safety for all community residents who travel the route adjacent to Bulyea Road.

  • Gates to this site are to remain closed as much as possible. If there is truck traffic, it is advisable to open the gates out towards the roadway which will stop pedestrian traffic momentarily to allow men and equipment to safely enter the site.
  • Community residents will be within the vicinity of the school between 8:15 ‐ 8:45 am and from 3:00 ‐ 4:00 pm (Thursday early out is between 1:55 – 2:55 pm). During this time, unless required, construction traffic is not to enter or exit the site. If construction equipment or access is required, the following must be adhered to:
    • Contractor is to open and close the gate providing access to construction equipment while maintaining safety for all individuals on adjacent sidewalk.
    • Flag person with appropriate signage may be required to ensure all persons clearly understand when it’s safe to pass through on his/her direction.
  • During all hours outside times that have been outlined above, all contractors will work to ensure safety for all residents and acknowledge all items mentioned above. Should large trucks over 1 ton need to enter or leave the site, a flag person may be required to ensure appropriate safety and traffic movements.
  • Construction notice signs will be placed adjacent to the sidewalk where the construction entrance intersects. This will alert individuals to construction activity.
  • Special consideration is given to dust & dirt controls in the following matter:
    • Addition of rubber curb ramps/mats ‐ reduce dirt & gravel being transferred from the site to Bulyea Road.
    • Street sweeping is required multiple times per day, this will be evaluated on an as needed basis.
    • Erosion & silt fence will be installed after pre‐grading and topsoil stripping

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Construction fence to be erected on site with appropriate signage of contact information and applicable safety warning signs.
  • Night time security is not believed to be needed however this will be assessed when construction has commenced. This may be a requirement to ensure proper safety for all individuals who may interact with the site.
  • This plan is supplemented with an area map outlining crosswalks and bus stop locations. There is a lot of activity within this neighbourhood, especially as this location is adjacent to a children’s play area.

This plan will been shared through Rohit’s Health and Safety Program to all consultants and contractors, City of Edmonton Sustainable Development Department, community league and the local Councillors office associated with this project.