Final Haddow Community Design Consultation

The fourth and final consultation meeting with the Haddow community members took place on May 20th to discuss the new First Place project of Haddow Landing.  Many of the items that were brought up from the previous three meetings were finalized, including fencing, landscaping, exterior finishes and colours, entry features and more.  Details of the meeting included:

  • The site plan from meeting #3 was confirmed and finalized
  • Landscape architect presented the design with proposed plan to have planting outside the property on city land as discussed on meeting 3. Landscape consultant also suggested matured trees (large caliper) may be susceptible to the natural elements and will have difficulty growing in the new environment as compared to new (smaller caliper) trees as these will in fact grow faster.
  • The community suggested having a mix of large (mature) as well as regular caliper sized trees for the project. It was explained that a support letter from the community is needed for Rohit’s discussion with the City of Edmonton, stating the desire for planting outside the development areas highlighted by landscape design.  It was also explained that any existing trees with require relocation will be highlighted on a separate plan for coordination with the parks and forestry department.
  • The developer proposed to install 6 columns within the development with similar metal railing along Haddow Drive, the actual location will be identified later as there is an existing Atco Gas ROW.
  • Community confirmed on cultured stone for the proposed columns to match the cultured stone on building façade with capping on top similar to existing within the neighborhood.
  • Community requested the site plan be handed into the city with black chain‐link located only behind the basement units on the North side of the site. Remainder of the site is to have no fence by request of the Design Engagement Group. Rohit Communiti confirmed that they will request for no fence around the property along East and South with the support letter from the community written with this request however if the city administration, during permit application review, do not allow for this type of design then black chain link fence along the abovementioned property boundaries may be substituted.
  • Developer explained the need to have a berm or swale constructed especially along North, East and/or South property line to prevent drainage from entering the site. This drainage requirement and will be addressed after discussion with the civil engineer and City of Edmonton drainage department. Special attention will be given to the community property to the north due to its close proximity.
  • Developer reviewed the color patterns as discussed on meeting # 3. The color selections previously requested were Shamrock and Granite and the community members were provided renderings reflecting these colour choices. The proposed renderings also illustrated the color scheme with narrow window trims and no belly band trim. Builder explained that only vents required will be placed on the front elevations of all units with a desire to keep these to minimum on the front face of all units.
  • Further discussion on the choice between brick and cultured stone on the front facades and brick columns brought forward the request to make a change to Cultured Stone to match the color and style of stone chosen on the units.
  • Entry feature for the development will have project name as “Haddow Landing” with Civic address marked on it and will be similar to existing neighborhood project address plaque.
  • Rohit explained the need to have the support letter from the design engagement group as well as the community league to help achieve several concerns thus allowing their requests on behalf of their community to be reviewed and clearly understood by the City of Edmonton Administration.
  • Rohit has confirmed that permit application will be initiated and depending on approval timeline for the City of Edmonton they are scheduled for late fall 2015 to early spring 2016 construction start.

This last meeting concludes the design consultation process between Rohit Communities, Haddow community members, and the City of Edmonton.   For more information on Haddow Landing please contact Lynn Ly at 780-914-1565 or email us.