Home Builders Launch City of Edmonton First Place Program Website!

Rohit Communities and Landmark Group are excited to announce the launch of the First place website, which will be an invaluable resource for the buyers to learn more about the First Place Program and what it has to offer. The website is intended to be an educational tool to inform potential buyers not only about the benefits of the program, but also about the quality of the product, the builders themselves, and if they are able to qualify for a first place home. The First Place Program is market housing, not to be mistaken for low income housing; it is a City of Edmonton program that gives home buyers who have never before owned property in Alberta the opportunity to purchase their first home.

Rohit Communities and Landmark Group are proudly exclusive to be working with the City of Edmonton as builders for the First Place Program. The initiative transforms undeveloped and unutilized school sites into brand new communities that can revitalize the existing neighbourhoods, better use the infrastructure all with offering first-time homebuyers a financial advantage. Making a first time home buyer’s dream of purchasing an affordable, high quality home come true is an exciting opportunity that neither builder could pass up. The builders stress the importance of this program, stating that the program helps create a wider range of housing options to address the city’s growing needs while reducing the urban sprawl. Furthermore, the program helps attract and retain a wide variety of skilled workers in the Edmonton area, strengthening the city’s labor force.

“The First Place Program is still very new and there are a lot of misconceptions about what the program is and what it represents,” said Linh Pham, Senior Marketing Coordinator for Rohit Communities,  “the goal of this joint venture website is to educate and inform people of all the amazing benefits that the program provides, for both first time home buyers and the City of Edmonton.”

About Rohit Communities:

Rohit Communities expanded into multi-family developments to bring an innovative perspective to living, with a focus on providing a true sense of community in every development we create. Today’s product diversification of apartment condominiums, townhomes, duplexes, bungalows and single family homes, allows us the opportunity to bring various housing styles to the communities in which we build.

About Landmark Group:

Today, the Landmark Group is one of Alberta’s largest, award-winning, home builders and developers. We have crafted over 13,000 Alberta homes while fulfilling the dreams of almost every type of homeowner — creating everything from duplex and townhomes, to attached-garage and estate homes.

The mission of the Landmark Group is to be a major housing solutions provider recognized for sustainability and for leading a revolution in the way homes are built.