Larkspur Landing Second Design Engagement

On October 21st, 2014 Larkspur residents met with Rohit Communities and the City of Edmonton to further discuss the development of Rohit Communities newest First Place Program project, Larkspur Landing. In the first design engagement meeting, residents agreed upon Design Option 3, therefore, the builder expanded on this design plan presenting multiple refined design options.  There were a few concerns raised during this presentation including:

  • Residents asking for clarification of the height of the internal road. The builder indicated they would consult with their civil engineer.
  • Residents expressed interests in modifying the rood design on the proposed site which the builder was going to take into consideration. Three alternate designs will be drafted by Rohit Communities.
  • Rohit Communities explained the limitation in having windows within the 3 meter separation space between the buildings due to fire separation rules.
  • Possibilities of entry sign for the area and subsequence maintenance – Builder explained with the help of the Landscape architect, the entry feature can be simple and low maintenance. Residents agreed on a simple rock sign entry feature with project name and address plaque.

  • Group would like to use landscaping as a method to screen certain features of the buildings such as garage doors – all participants agreed on the long term advantages of using landscape vs. changing building materials. The visual appeal of highly exposed units will be softened with the placement of landscaping as will other areas such as the waste bin location.

  • Builder explained their interest in expanding the internal landscaping outside of the current boundary to soften the edges of the proposed development. It is noted that this will require permission from the City of Edmonton as they are the property owners. Central walkway was noted and reviewed by the group as well as its relation to the surroundings.

  • Setback discussion – It should be noted that the builder is keeping the front setback at approximately 10m. The portion from the entrance (middle of site) to the south of the proposed entrance. This may help save some trees; others may need to be replanted. Setback note – this is opposed to the city bylaw and urban character of the city. The above particular reason (trees) may be required in explaining to the Development Officer during the Development permit application.

  • Participants agreed to bring the property line fence to the side of the building for better visual appeal. This applies to the NW and SW corner of the property. Participants were asked to review and agree together on the various site designs brought forward. After a few clarifications, Option 3.2 was selected to be the site design for the First Place development.

  • Landscape Architect (EDA Collaborative) presented a landscape concept plan with proposed planting details. Participants commented on the planting palette noting some elements that currently exist in the Larkspur neighbourhood. The next meeting will have a more detailed landscaping plan and will include plantings with photos of proposed trees, shrubs and other materials. Residents would like to see more spruce and coniferous trees on site.

  • In regards to modifying the roof design, the builder agreed to change roof style as requested by the residents for the three duplex buildings located at NW corner (along 30 St.) in the agreed plan.

At the next meeting Rohit Communities will provide samples of the street lights, external unit lights, address plaques, and siding color to be reviewed with the Larkspur Community. The builder will also present a few pictures as specified by the participants to visually absorb the effect of this particular development on its surroundings.