Third Haddow Community Design Consultation

On April 27th, 2015 Rohit Communities and the City of Edmonton met the residents for the Haddow communities for the third time to further discuss the upcoming project of Haddow Landing.  The main topic of discussion for this meeting centered on the aesthetic of the project including fencing, landscaping, overall design of the homes, and how it incorporates in the existing neighbourhood.  Some photorealistic renderings were presented to provide a visual representation on the proposed site. Specific items of the meeting included:


The Second Haddow Community Design Engagement

Haddow residents met with Rohit Communities and the City of Edmonton (COE) for the second Haddow Community design engagement on March 18, 2015. Rohit Communities listened closely to the Haddow resident’s concerns at the first design engagement and strived to incorporate the community participant’s feedback in their site planning and building designs. On March 18, Rohit Communities presented three different conceptual site plans for the future Haddow Landing development to the participating Haddow residents.