Third Haddow Community Design Consultation

On April 27th, 2015 Rohit Communities and the City of Edmonton met the residents for the Haddow communities for the third time to further discuss the upcoming project of Haddow Landing.  The main topic of discussion for this meeting centered on the aesthetic of the project including fencing, landscaping, overall design of the homes, and how it incorporates in the existing neighbourhood.  Some photorealistic renderings were presented to provide a visual representation on the proposed site. Specific items of the meeting included:

  • Follow‐up on the request to place caveat on units to avoid them being converted to rental units after 5 years. According to the builder’s legal counsel, you can restrict some things that occupants do, but you cannot restrict property owners’ right to rent property in the future. Section 35(5) of the Condominium Property Act states: “(5) No bylaw operates to prohibit o restrict the devolution of units or any transfer, lease, mortgage or other dealing with them or to destroy or modify any easement implied or created by this Act.
  • Follow up a request for no fence on the property boundary. Builder had a preliminary discussion with COE representative. The design without a fence cannot be guaranteed as it is required under the bylaw however we note this may require a strong opinion of support from the community members. The builder will try to incorporate the communities’ desire to have the site without the fence and request on their behalf to the City of Edmonton’s development services for approval. In addition, the builder will prepare a letter of support for community design group to submit with the development permit for Haddow First Place development.
  • Builder suggested on white timber fence if required however community prefers other alternatives which may include Black chain link fence instead, should this be required.
  • Builder presented the new site plan revised as per the comments received on meeting #2. The site will have one entrance with 38 units subject Development Application comments and approvals from the City of Edmonton.
  • Community suggestion to have gate behind “B” style units. Builder explained pros and cons of having a gated fence including wear and tear on grass and fence. Decision to build a non‐gated fence due to other locations on the plan to enter the surrounding parkland.
  • Builder presented the corresponding 3D views to the proposed site plan as highlighted on meeting #2
  • Builder explained that the brick used within the neighborhood is no longer available, and suggested that a similar alternative product might have to be used. Builder explained the utility location and the fence design falls along Haddow drive as a result of 2m Right of Way.
  • Landscape architect presented their design based on the community approved site plan. Their plan was supported by the photorealistic rendered images of the views explained earlier.
  • Community prefers to have wood mulch as part of landscape requirement to match the existing community. Builder and Landscape architect confirms that the proposed development will have wood mulch as per this request.
  • Community expressed their views to see if mature trees could be planted on this proposed development. Landscape Architect as well as builder explained that the proposed landscape plan will try to incorporate the neighborhood landscape elements. And planting mature trees will have its challenge with long term survivability and availability of the tree species.
  • Community requested the Landscape plan to have more shrubs on the South side (SW Flank). The builder suggested that with the permission with COE Parks department, they will try to provide additional landscaping just outside the development as it blends better to the development. This is determined by the city should they grant this request from the community.
  • Community expressed concerned on fire truck access internal to the site. Builder’s civil engineer explained the city requirements for proper access; the proposed confirmed site plan conforms to this requirement.
  • Community suggested to have a small berm on East, North and South side of the property to match the existing landscape feature. Builder explained with their engineer that it may be a required on site as a grading requirement. This will be a follow up item with the city drainage department.
  • Builder requested from the community if the site plan presented can be confirmed. Community confirmed the site plan as presented.
  • Builder presented the proposed finishing materials including stone, base color siding, box outs and accent color on the proposed building elevation.
  • Community suggested if the box‐outs could be dropped to the ground level. Builder explained the complexity of this to happen with this product type as there would be the requirement to redesign from the ground up. Changes would increase the size of units and dramatically decrease the curb appeal of this product.
  • Community requested the “belly band” on the proposed elevation be removed including the use of a standard “J” trim, removal of grill in the windows, and reduction of trim size to 4 inch if possible.
  • Builder presented the proposed color palette for the building. Community’s preference will be visualized and presented including the points discussed above on the next engagement meeting as builder is open for dialogue.
  • Vents and trims color will go hand in hand to complement each other.
  • Builder presented the exterior building lighting, out of the four options community choose to have a soffit pot light option on front of the units.
  • Builder presented the community with three options for the onsite street light

The fourth and final meeting with the community of Haddow will final items including the site plan, confirmed elevations and colour selection of the final design, and changes incorporated to the suggested landscaping plan.  Stay tuned for further updates!