Twin Brooks Community Design Engagement Design Engagement Meet #1

Meeting Date: April 20th, 2017, 6:00 pm – 8:15 pm
Location: #301, 1103 – 95 Street SW
Attendees: City of Edmonton (CoE), Builder (Landmark Homes), and Community participants*
– City of Edmonton: Tim McCargar, Prabhat Dahal
– Builder: Gurpreet Singh, Rui Huang, Heather Vera
– Community Participants* (community)

On the evening of April 20, 2017, community residents, City and Landmark Homes staff met to continue Twin Brooks First Place community design engagement process.
Design Engagement coordinated by Landmark Group of Companies and City of Edmonton representatives

Follow up from March 21st meeting
● March 21st meeting notes reviewed and accepted as presented

Agenda item discussion:

Community services 2 zoning discussion
● Builder explained zoning requirements construction must follow (eg permitted use, setbacks, density, building height, site coverage maximum and private amenity space, separation space and parking requirements.

● Discussion of how building height is determined and separation from existing homes discussed. Figure 1: Aerial view of zoning map


Landmark town home products
● Cross section details of homes with surface parking and drive under presented and shared.
● Pros and cons of each design discussed.
● Residents reflect preference for the drive under townhomes design.

2 3

Building site layout options presented
● Based on preferences and comments design participants provided at the March 21st design meeting, Builder developed four different site layouts for design.
● Each layout was presented separately and details explained by the builder.
● Design participants asked builder Questions and discussion followed for each of the four designs.
● Design participants expressed a preference for layout option Four as it closely matches first meeting preferences ;
○ it offers the most resident and visitor parking,
○ all of the homes are Drive under,
○ the private amenity area is centrally located is visible from 12th Ave.,
○ this option offers the most homes with three bedrooms.
● Design participants also asked builder to be mindful of light from community rinks effect on the homes facing east and ask for adjustments to option four design at southwest corner due to proximity to existing homes.

4Figure 4: Layout Option #1


5Figure 5: Layout Option #2

6Figure 6: Layout Option #3

7Figure 7: Layout Option #4

Follow up items for next meeting:
● Builder will revise option four and present any revisions at next meeting.
● City will request a development officer attend to review the revised layout and confirm it follows building site zoning requirements.
● In addition, at next meeting builder will present detailed exterior design information for review, and bring details of the site safety plan.
● April meeting notes will be shared with design participants within a week before they are posted online.

The following questions and concerns were brought up by the community participants:

1. What does Site coverage include?
Site coverage includes principal building and Accessory buildings (Edmonton Zoning Bylaw 12800 571.2.3).

2. How far is building site to school?
The minimum distance between the First Place Building site to the edge of School property line is approximately 370 feet (as shown below).

8Figure 8: Distance between First Place site and School Building property line


3.    Ice rink lights could cause annoyance for east facing units? Rink lights stays on until 11pm

The Builder has shared this concern with their Architect and Landscape consultant. They will visit the site and find an amicable solution that works for both ice rink users and future homeowners from east facing units. Possible options will be shared in next design engagement meeting.


4.    Would City/Builder consider adding a speed bump to reduce the vehicle speed at exit?

Yes, Builder will consider (if technically feasible) adding a speed bump at site exit as part of site development plan.


5.    After reviewing 4 layout options, community participants are wondering if sale price could be affected based on which layout option decided on?

Yes, sales price will be affected based on unit count and unit type


6.    What is the purpose of common area?

Common area is a space provided for the active or passive recreation and enjoyment of the occupants of a residential development.


7.    Safety concern on south west corner buffer zone from First Place developments to adjacent single family lots

We have mentioned this to our building architect and landscape architect. They will visit the site and find a solution that is going to provide privacy buffer for adjacent single family units and being safe for kids as well. Possible solutions will be presented at next meeting.


8.    Builder/City are going to engage with the students and staff of George P. Nicholson School to inform about upcoming construction, site & safety measures, contact for communication and other precautionary measures, as needed.

Next design meeting date

May 25, 2017*

Landmark Group of Companies

#301, 1103 – 95 Street SW

(*this date may change based on Oilers playoff outcomes- will reconfirm on or by May 18, 2017)

9 Figure 9: Question captured

10Figure 10: Question captured