Twin Brooks Supplemental Project Safety Plan

This is supplemental information for public safety and does not include the project-specific emergency procedures in its entirety.     


This plan is prepared to protect the public from physical harm during construction of the Twin Brooks Project. Special precautions need to be taken as this location is in close proximity to a school and public property used for community activities (Park/Sports Fields).

Additional precautions for public safety


  • Project perimeter fencing (8’ fence if available) to separate the public from the construction activities. Gates to be kept shut whenever possible during construction activity and locked when there is no construction activity (off hours).
  • Signage noting project entry requirements including but not limited to Personal Protective Equipment, Hazard Assessments, Contacts and Emergency Procedures, Muster Point.
  • Additional signage as required (I.e. Project Muster Point Location)

Traffic & Traffic Control

  • Minimize off-site trucking with good dirt management. No unnecessary trucking of dirt on/off the project.
    • Peak pick up and drop off time for George P. Nicholson School students are from 8:10 am-8:30 am in the morning and 3:05 pm – 3:20 pm in the afternoon, Landmark Homes will notify all trades traffic to avoid the peak hour if possible during the school season.
  • Spotters required when moving large equipment (I.e. 1-tonne trucks or excavators) in/off of the project site (I.e. where construction intersects public walkways).
  • Any partial or full temporary blockage of sidewalks and roadways will have pedestrians and traffic safely Flag persons to be used as required.
  • Dust & dirt control management as required during ongoing construction activities. Keeping the public roadways and walks as clean as possible.


Site Cameras will be used to record any criminal activity and serve as a crime deterrent. Additional security measures to be evaluated as required when the project is to commence.


This plan to be shared with:

  • The school,
  • parent advisory group
  • Community league.
  • City of Edmonton
  • All contractors and employees (via email, letter, copy on the project site)
  • Councillors’ office
  • Any other personnel/groups that may be affected as required

In addition:

  • Landmark will be scheduling the bulk of construction to be completed during the off school season (from late June to early September), targeting late August/early September paving if soil and weather condition favorites the construction.
  • After site is paved and serviced, all construction vehicles must park within the site property line unless there is an unavoidable reason (e.g. sidewalk repair, siding/roofing access)
  • Landmark is going to reach out to City Landscape/Park department regards to new park configuration on soccer field and walkway.
  • EPCOR is going to construct underground services within 12 Ave. Local traffic will be impacted but no full road closure is expected.
  • Site construction limit to north-west school crossing walk point is about 112m, no construction activity or vehicle parking is expected there but our site supervisor will keep an eye on that location
  • There must be ongoing hazard assessment and hazard control of construction activities.
  • This plan is supplemented with an area map outlining the project site, school, and the additional public properties